Welcome to The Zen Den

Welcome to The Zen Den, a serene oasis nestled on the captivating island of K.Thulusdhoo in the Maldives. Just 30 minutes away from Velana International Airport.

Indulge in our thoughtfully designed, well-appointed rooms that offer a comfortable and inviting haven after a day of exploration. We embrace the rich heritage of the Maldives through our interiors, featuring a harmonious blend of contemporary sophistication with concrete-style flooring and bathrooms, complemented by wood themed decor and white walls that create a serene ambiance. Each room boasts a unique theme and color scheme inspired by elements of Maldivian culture, providing a memorable and enriching stay at The Zen Den.

Experience the tranquility of The Zen Den on picturesque K.Thulusdhoo Island. The Zen Den delights surf enthusiasts with its exceptional proximity to the world-renowned Cokes Surf Point, which is just a short stroll away. Let us be your gateway to a truly unforgettable escape in paradise.